Timber Frame Consultants

UK Timber Frame Association

The UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA) is the trade association representing over 85% of UK timber frame manufacturers and also the sectors key suppliers. Established in 2002, their job is to:



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Phone: +44 (0) 1483 769 518

Fax: +44 (0) 1483 770 863

E-mail: design@silvatecdesign.com

 Explain timber frame to the construction industry, policy makers and the general public

 Provide information and guidance, both technical and consumer

 Promote higher standards through their Q-Mark quality scheme and training services

 Help all  construction sectors of UK exploit the benefits of timber frame - speed of build, thermal and acoustic excellence, durability, environmental excellence and design flexibility.

Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA)

TRADA is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products.

TRADA is a company limited by guarantee and not-for-profit membership-based organisation. TRADA's origins go back over 70


years and its name is synonymous with independence and authority. Its position in the industry is unique with a diverse membership encompassing companies and individuals from around the world and across the entire wood supply chain, from producers, merchants and manufacturers, to architects, engineers and end users.

The Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. The Code aims to reduce our carbon emissions and create homes that are more sustainable. The Code measures the sustainability of a new home against nine categories of sustainable design, rating the 'whole home' as a complete package.

Building Regulations - Approved Documents

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) publishes guidance on meeting the requirements in what are known as "Approved Documents". The guidance contained in each document relates only to the particular requirements of the regulations that the document addresses. The building work will also have to comply with the requirements of any other relevant paragraphs in Schedule 1 to the regulations.